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  • ShaderEngineTMimage enhancement engine, reducing screen noise while rendering sharp picture quality
  • LiveColorTMcolor enhancement algorithms, presenting vivid images
  • SmartAmplifyTMIntelligent sound field balancing technology, giving your ears a treat

Low consumption

  • FastMotionTMsignificantly reduces CPU and memory footprint. Optimizated for modern multi-core CPU and GPU
  • PowerTravelTMpower-saving mode, reducing energy consumption and increasing the battery time for notebook
  • EyeCareTMtakes care your eyes for long time watching, ensuring a healthy viewing experience


  • Anti-SillyTMsmart, fuzzy-logical configuration, hundreds of branch logics automatically select the best mode based on the hardware configuration.
  • CloudMatchingTMIntelligent Subtitle Display technology, no longer need to google matching subtitles for foreign language films

Delicate beauty

  • After a number of enthusiastic users giving professional advices and design assistance, SPlayer interface focuses at simple, stylish, functional integrity without affecting the general use

Comparison of similar products

  SPlayer Storm Player QQ Player RealPlayer KMPlayer
Size 6.1M 28.9M 19.4M 13-16M 13M
Auto-Matching Subtitles
Open Source
Portable package available
No Bundling
Full-format playback
No ads
GPU Optimization Support Does not support Does not support Does not support Support
Start Up Speed Fast Average Fast Slow Fast
CPU Utilization Low Average Low High Average
Startup-memory footprint Low Average Low Average High
Playback memory footprint Low Average Low Average Average
Ease of use Easy Average Easy Easy Hard
Beautiful interface Check Ugly Simple Average Ugly

Evaluation from users

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2014-03-26 Author Sugat Shrestha
Splayer - One of the best video players. Low consumption; Easy to use; Extreme compact; Smallest and most sophisticated players out there, complete installation package only 6M; Safe and portable Purely portable software, ...
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SPlayer 3.7 Full Version Free Download | gamedownload64
2014-03-17 Author Khurram Shehzad
More regarding Splayer: Don't be finite if your net affiliation is extremely slow . It match subtitle. you'll be glad to understand that the player is Open supply softwrae. And It liberal to. Its provide you with a pleasant computer ...
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Splayer Standard Free Download Full Standered
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SPlayer A Fully Featured Open Source Media Player
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SPlayer is a lightweight media player with simple design that supports a great variety of formats and includes surprisingly powerful features. If you are a fan of VLC or KMPlayer here is a perfect alternative for them. Splayer ...
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SPlayer is a very good open source free video player which supports almost all the video formats. It can play HD videos very smoothly. It is very small in size, only 6.1MB and absolutely ads free. The best part is that it can ...
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Don't Blink Your EYES: Download SPlayer miracle program ...
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SPlayer is a really lightweight audio and video player that joins the media player category ready to compete against big shots such as Winamp, AIMP, BS.Player and iTunes with its most outstanding features: simplicity of use and economy of ...
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Portable SPlayer is a simple yet super functional media player used to view your photos or listen to your music files. It offers smooth playbacks, genuinely remarkable scenic views, and a whole lot more. Photos viewed from ...
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2012-03-25 Author MK
从KMPlayer转到射手播放器SPlayer已经有很长一段时间了,虽然射手播放器SPlayer的性能没有前者好,但因为射手播放器SPlayer拥有强大的字幕库和干净的界面,OhOh,我只有选择它了。不过网友青川の螺魂说射手播放器SPlayer还是有广告,这 ...
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SPlayer is a Quality Video Player That is Light on Resources
2010-02-26 Author Mysticgeek
If you're looking for a new video player that provides great picture quality and is light on system resources, you might want to take a look at SPlayer. SPlayer in unique in that it utilizes the GPU in your video card and saves your ...
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